Red pepper and orange cream: Submitted by: Johanne | Date Added: 6 Jun 2011 Ingredients:

2 tsp. tablespoons of olive oil
2 pounds red bell peppers
3 oranges
1 tsp. tablespoons of orange flower water
for garnish: orange zest, chopped parsley or croutons (optional)

Cooking Instructions:

Heat oil in large skillet. Wash and seed peppers. Cut into quarters lengthwise. Cut into large strips in food processor and pour in oil, or chop by hand and throw it into the pan as and when, by covering the container after each addition. Salt lightly.

Scrub oranges with warm water. The dry and grate the zest of one of them over the peppers. Cover and increase heat until the lid allows steam to escape. Reduce heat and simmer 15 to 18 minutes, always with the lid on, shaking the container occasionally to soak the peppers juice. No matter that some of them caramelize a little, this would give them more flavor.

Squeeze the oranges into a measuring cup for about 3 / 4 cup juice. Add the orange flower water.

Once the peppers are tender, reduce them until smooth. Add orange juice and mix again.

Reheat and garnish with zest, parsley and croutons.

Variation: In winter, use blood oranges. In summer, serve this soup cold.

Makes 4 servings

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