Egg Noodles: Date Added: 12 Nov 2009 Ingredients:

2/3 Cup all purpose flour -- preferably--unbleached
1 egg
1/2 Teaspoon salt

Cooking Instructions:

Beat egg slightly with salt and mix in flour to make a rather stiff dough. Knead on floured surface briefly, then let rest, covered, for 1/2 hour.

On floured surface, with rolling pin, roll dough until it is very thin. Let dry, uncovered, until it loses all stickiness, but is not dry or brittle. Fold it over several times and cut into narrow strips. Separate strips with your fingers and let noodles dry thoroughly. Store in closed container for future use or use immediately.


Drop in boiling salted water or stock and boil gently for 5 minutes. Drain at once. Add a dollop of margarine and stir gently to prevent cooked noodles from sticking together.


For a healthier combination, a slightly different flavor, and a more interesting texture, use approximately half white and half whole wheat flour.

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